Monitrice Program


Individualized care for hospital births

The monitrice program is individualized midwifery care for your hospital birth. It is like a hybrid between doula care and midwifery care. You still see your primary care provider (MD or CNM) during pregnancy in addition to the monitrice.  It’s more involved than doula care with monthly hour long appointments in your home. We work together to dream up your ideal pregnancy and birth. A monitrice has a lot of similarities to a doula with more appointments available and supplemental prenatal care. Monitrice care is beneficial for families planning a VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean) and first time parents. I’m located in Columbus, Ohio for services. The program includes:

  • Mentorship through pregnancy, birth and building a postpartum plan

  • Hour long monthly prenatal visits in your home

  • Supplemental prenatal care

  • Nutrition support

  • Ability to contact me between appointments with quick response times

  • On call at 37 weeks

  • Phone support in early labor

  • Labor support in your home including monitoring of the fetal heart rate

  • Postpartum visits in your home